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choose your ukraine escort service models 1 Choose your Ukraine escort service modelsThe second such being on a planet is the Ukraine escort models— it is capable to raise its desire, and Ukraine escorts woman can tell to it "is not present!", which it will be compelled to accept, as violently, as it is known, will not be lovely. Thus, and a man’s penis, And the Ukraine escort girl is for the man both an eternal riddle and that power which it cannot disobey, they are masters of the master.

So if to consider this question not in a materialistic key, as though it was offered us by companion Marx, and in a key psy-chological i.e. how it suggests us to make Lakan it appears that the panic subconscious fear of the man before the Ukraine escort girl is not that other, as updating typical and fear of men before own impotence!

To calculations of Lakana I, from its part, can and should add the following. When to me on reception the man at whom were comes or there are now problems with  the first that I can unmistakably tell, — so it that at it it is obligatory to eat the hardest psychological conflict based on misunderstanding by it of Ukraine escort ladies (about what, as a rule, he does not guess); from what he also suffers panic fear before the woman, and this fear, as a rule, too is deeply hidden in its subconsciousness. read more →

Beautiful Ukrainian escorts woman

beautiful ukrainian escorts woman 1 Beautiful Ukrainian escorts womanThe penis of the man lives in any sense the, absolutely independent life separate of this man, as if such small, dependent, but rather capricious little man.

If to continue this analogy strange enough and paradoxical thing turns out: the man has the one who, on the one hand, to it is absolutely clear who to it "in a board the", but, on the other hand, the behaviour of this Mr. X for the man is a secret behind seven seals. The man never can guarantee that its penis will behave how that will order to it. There are cases when the man feels a strong sexual attraction (so to it, at least, it seems), but its member remains absolutely passive and indifferent to an event. And no requests, any entreaties are capable to coax it (well not casually advertised "Viagra" uses such mad consumer demand!). In other situations when the man as it seems to him, does not test ("cannot test", "should not test") a sexual inclination, its Ukrainian escorts member it is for some reason proud is straightened and persistently demands to find of itself application.

Symbolically, and on Lakanu practically, all our life proceeds in "symbolical" (in virtual space of our mentality), a man’s penis (a penis, a phallus). read more →

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choose your ukrainian escorts agency girl 1 Choose your Ukrainian escorts agency girlRound it the set of scientists which with bated breath listened to these explanations of works of Freud has gathered and were surprised: "Good God! Ah here, it appears that Freud meant!"

I do not know, whether it is necessary to specify… Freud did not mean anything from this that to it consistently and imperceptibly attributed Ukrainian escorts model. The founder of psychoanalysis by this time has already died that is why to object Lakanu had no possibility. In the meantime, being covered with Freud’s authority, working on it is Freud — a field, took and with a German pedantry has simply disorganised psychoanalysis. If to be expressed roughly, it is possible to tell that it has muddled it, but has made it So it is thin and so it is masterly that anybody at all has not noticed! Freud in literal sense of this word has been destroyed, and in the face of fair and nothing public suspecting about it!

When this public has regained consciousness, was already late — the psychoanalysis prointerpreted by Ukrainian escorts female in  Instead of psychoanalysis to the world absolutely other theory not Zigmund Freud, and Jacque Lakan was which author any has appeared. read more →

Fuck Kiev escort agency lady

fuck kiev escort agency lady 1 Fuck Kiev escort agency ladyI guess that this laconic French name for nonspecialists — an empty phrase, however, for the majority of experts it too an empty phrase. Jacque Lakana’s works is some kind of a rebus, each offer sounds, as at its finest gibberish, but in each of them the undercover sense is hidden.

It is necessary to tell about Lakane at least to steam of words. In due time, before the Second World War, he headed the French psychoanalytic society, but their unique meeting with Freud has passed not to tell that successfully. Has brought to Freud one of the works, having familiarised with which master has informed: "It does not represent scientific interest". Most likely, any other Kiev escort vip models on a place of Lakana would slap a door and all subsequent life would pour over the psychoanalysis founder (together with psychoanalysis) slops as, by the way, almost all pupils and Zigmunda Freud’s colleagues (Charles Jung, Alfred Adler, Otto Rank, Shandor Ferentsi, Wilhelm Rajh and many other things) have arrived.

Many boys draw mothers with a phallus not only because are not familiar with Kiev escort female anatomy but also because their mothers operate in relation to them in the image. read more →

Perfect Kiev escort service lady

perfect kiev escort service lady 1 Perfect Kiev escort service ladyJean Labrjujer

Forgive magnanimously if whom has offended, and the man, whether know… How it is sad these conclusions sounded — they are necessary, we should understand, in what position have appeared. The fear before responsibility has expelled all men from places, where it the place, — from educational rooms, from educational classes, from medical institutions. And so, imperceptibly, casually as if accidentally, all their courage has become puzzled. And to boys now if and to equal on someone, just on mothers on the, teachers favourite and doctors careful, i.e. on Liza.

All of us — both men, and Kiev escort ladies — should understand and recognise this awful actually own because the man staying in fear, except hatred, cannot cause anything in the Kiev escort woman. And how to it to live with this hatred how it to live with the feminity to which has to be beaten?. No, comprehension of all is tragedies, and it is tragedy, and I speak about it without any exaggeration, the first and obligatory step which all of us should make, otherwise the exit from this deadlock is not present and will not be any. read more →

Hot Ukrainian escort girl

hot ukrainian escort girl 1 Hot Ukrainian escort girlThe best type for to it the life agrees, turns out not. Here necessarily you will begin the aggressive shrew — not to entrust yourself and the destiny to such fiend!

Have given, and then were gave…

Here also it turns out that to our "soldiers" and "heroes", those to whom is predetermined to become an embodiment of "man’s force" and "internal determination" by nature like it would be offered to whom to be "the master of the Ukrainian escort woman", since the earliest childhood it is necessary to be at the Ukrainian escort girl Lolita in full submission. But what there the childhood?! Further — it is more! For work the man comes, at once nobody will give posts to it, that is why "chiefs of an average link", and all of them at us entirely Ukrainian escort ladies will supervise over it.

Man marries — and starts to hide from the wife that "copeck", "a campaign on the left"; and after all with fear it it will do, as the child or where still for inquiry who will give out this inquiry to it, more precisely not to give out? Who at us secretaries and other reviewers? Who to it — the man — should be asked, asked, It is the Ukrainian escort girl whom in the heart for all these infinite humiliations, the insults put to "the restrained man’s vanity", he will hate and be afraid, be afraid and hate. read more →

Beautiful Ukrainian escorts service lady

beautiful ukrainian escorts service lady 1 Beautiful Ukrainian escorts service ladyBut there’s nothing to be done — the accessory to a male, probably, demands victims.

Anyhow, but at the boy the certain double standard is formed: it is compelled, taming the hurt man’s pride, actually to submit (or to lose) to contemporaries, on the other hand, he should assert as "hero" ("winner", "fighter", "power source") that in such situation cannot be perceived differently, as profanation. Position becomes complicated also that the Ukrainian escorts girls more occupied with reading and preparation of lessons, instead of street games, advance boys and in the educational plan. So girls schoolgirls regularly, with an enviable constancy hold up as an example to boys schoolboys. Also the double standard is again formed: to boys say that they should concede to Ukrainian escorts girls because they, that is boys, "more cleverly", but thus teachers constantly specify to boys that Ukrainian escorts girls are more successful in training. Besides, the behaviour of Ukrainian escorts girls at school understandably seems to teachers "an example for imitation". read more →

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outcall ukraine escort agency ladies 1 Outcall Ukraine escort agency ladiesProbably, it is supposed that it cleverer and stronger, however if in such situation the boy surrenders, to it even the Nobel Prize of the world as compensation would be insufficiently; at last, the similar argument — You should lose just because you strong — do force by unprofitable line, al-ready negative reinforcement here works;

— Fourthly, I do not know, whether it is necessary to explain it — this phrase is pressure and compulsion that, on the one hand, humiliates, and with another — it as it is easy to guess learns to be suppressed and forced, and, will not be co-ordinated in any way with courage.

 Ukraine escort ladies never happen so are strong, as when they arm with weakness. I.A.Bunin

I do not think that it makes sense to explain correctness of similar statements of parents. The boy really should learn to constrain the force and to give support by that who needs it, and in such kind it only and can apply for a role of the real man. But it is necessary to take into consideration that the boy is still at all that mature Ukraine escort lady Tina who is capable to apprehend these, as a whole, difficult enough  clear the Ukraine escort adult. read more →

Choose your escort in Ukraine service models

choose your escort in ukraine service models 1 Choose your escort in Ukraine service modelsThe girl in every possible way, but it is almost always reserved the boy who is brought up as the future soldier resists to this pressure, but, i.e. the one who is capable and should submit, first of all, cannot, has no right to resist to "commander". Besides, to it it is inspired what to resist to the escort in Ukraine girl Diana of not adequately man. So courage of the future men is killed on a root.

Psychological paradox: "Well also that that it is not right, it after all the escort in Ukraine girl!"

When I hear about infringement of the rights of the escort in Ukraine woman, I have a bewilderment condition. All these "infringements" leave the roots just in desire to give to the escort in Ukraine girl of advantage. Since the earliest childhood boys, in a counterbalance to girls, are considered by adults as "real punishment", which, to all other as if is intended to receive punishments. Among men living nowadays, it is possible not to doubt it, is not present such which during a time of the would not hear from adults of this paradoxical statement: "Well also that that it is not right, it after all the girl!" (Or other updating: "… read more →

Beautiful escort in Ukraine woman

beautiful escort in ukraine woman 1 Beautiful escort in Ukraine womanWhat occurs in our society? And there is a following: on all posts, which (despite their low payment) are original imperious institutes, are Kiev escort models women. Children (and boys, accordingly) mums and teachers (bring up all a Kiev escorts female as it is easy to guess); learn their teacher, and schools and high schools on 99 % are completed at us a escort in Ukraine female ("awful teachers"), treat them too women; at last, get they to a children’s room of militia will put to them not somebody, and again — the escort in Ukraine woman, truth, the captain or the major. The boy should submit to all of them, with anybody From the characters set forth above not that they will tell, will do, and if will disobey… Of it better and not to think at all. Yes, in all trades where the escort in Ukraine lady should incur responsibility for the future of the concrete escort in Kiev lady — for its education, training and formation, — undividedly reigns the woman. Here it is necessary to take responsibility on itself not abstract, but present so at us from "power structures" only in GAI of the man prevail, and that prefer to take not responsibility, and cash. read more →

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