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O’panas is definitely the first Kiev restaurant to be named among the establishments of folk style. Though European cuisine is respected here no less than that of Ukraine. That’s why all people coming to Ukraine and its capital Kiev can visit the O’Panas without any doubt. Here they would be served with famous Ukraine hospitality and warmth.

The first reason the O’Panas is so popular among both citizens of Ukraine and guests of Kiev is its comfortable location. The restaurant is surrounded by extremely beautiful park. It is pleasant to eat and think of life among the old trees, to breathe fresh air and enjoy their cool shade. Here one can feel the rhythm of huge and eternally young Kiev.

The interior of the place is designed according Ukraine folk style. Designers were led by the principles of the so called "Ukrainian Baroque". Two majestic banquet halls are united with huge wooden stairs. Main banquet hall of the O’Panas is located on the first circle of the restaurant and can seat from 100 to 140 visitors. Another circle is also well-planned and each corner of gives feeling of complete comfort and warmth. There is a powerful wooden stem in the centre of the hall. And running water in the stylized watermill creates really unique feelings.

Wooden ladder leads to the attic where you can enjoy beautifully decorated walls. During summer shadowy and cozy terrace invites the guests to enjoy fresh air of the park.

The core of the menu is, of course, Ukrainian national meals. But you will be also offered European and author’s dishes by the chef. Each dish is made with soul and a piece of the chef’s talent is put in it. Meals here are true masterpieces! You are also offered a great choice of alcohol drinks in the restaurant. All the products are ecologically pure. The personnel is careful and polite.

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