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Advantages and disadvantages of working in escorting agency

Working in escort service in Ukraine is not only profitable and prestigious but also challenging. It's not enough just to live in Kiev city of Ukraine and to look good. Escort girls have to do with many strict requirements and even misunderstandings and troubles. We'd like to list the major positive and negative sides of this profession in Ukraine.

Benefits of being special girl in Kiev:
- the opportunity to see the world
- the chance to meet with the powerful people
- interesting and intelligent communication
- the way to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury
- it brings pretty good salary
- it also brings the girls solid tips and gifts
- independence and ability to be the owner of your life
- no necessity to build a family and bring up kids
- theoretically it's possible to marry an oligarch
- chance to leave native city for a better place

Disadvantages of being an special lady in Ukraine:

- most people who use such services avoid a serious relationship
- no one is really interested in you as an individual
- naturally enough, you have no career, employment record, stable wages etc.
- after you become 30 years old, working in elite service is almost impossible
- the future is a mystery
- young girls who got accustomed to this way of life can't find their place in further life
- pressure of society that perceives this profession negatively
- risk to be turned into sexual slave
- possible sexual harassment

To avoid the negative aspects of such interesting life in Kiev the girls should be very careful, deal only with well-known legal agencies, investigate all the details of their future work before signing up any agreement, don't give anyone their passport and other important papers, keep fit and look neat, develop their personality and style. And finally, they shouldn't listen to the mind of a crowd not to suffer from the lack of self-confidence.

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