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Girl's secrets concerning the first steps

Wardrobe of a Kiev model working in the escort services is significantly different from the usual women's wardrobe. This is not a random collection of trendy things in Ukraine, it's a carefully thought-out strategy. Escort girl shouldn't be recognized in a crowd only due to her attractiveness and style, she should know how to "dress for success." Professional escort lady from Kiev city of Ukraine is often interested in fashion trends, events in the world of luxury, high life. Therefore, her wardrobe comprises trendy, expensive clothes for all occasions. But what if a girl is looking for work in escort, arrived in Kiev city of Ukraine, and has no initial capital? In this case shell have to earn and buy the "functional" clothes first of all.

The first thing to consider is what to wear to your first casting in Kiev to create an impression. For example, in France, a country of love and wine, it is adopted to wear dark monochrome clothes, tight jeans and comfortable shoes on high heels at the casting - all this can emphasize the French figure. In the U.S. escort models generally have a free "uniform" they often appear to customers in T-shirts, loose jeans and sneakers. But in Ukraine it's not the best way to present your fancy sides. Each escort girl should look like a queen!

It is not necessary to buy pretentious things: one set will make all the money gone, and it will be of dubious quality. First and foremost, you must purchase tight-fitting dark dress, white blouse, dark blue or black pants and a tight mini skirt. All the listed clothing will make your slim figure look even more attracting without cutting your budget.

Be sure to have dark and dull flesh-colored tights and sexy underwear. Tight shorts, a tiny top and separate bathing suit can be very handy for the casting. Afterwards, you will need a strict business suit and evening gown from a decent brand to accompany clients on important events. All the clothing should never be or look cheap.

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