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One-Night Stand or a Happy Marriage

You must have heard that a resort love affair is to be treated lightly without any hopes and plans for the future! Everybody knows it but every year thousands of women come back home broken-hearted and depressed! Such "disaster" can ruin all positive effects and make you depressed for a long period of time. Let’s try to understand how to avoid such problems.

Going to the seaside clarify the aim of your trip. You are going to have rest, to swim in the sea, to get suntanned and refreshed after your hard work. The resort is not the place to look for a future husband, cry at missed opportunities and unrealized dreams. You might even meet a man and spend some time together, but consider him to be a part of the program.
Don’t take to heart all those promises and words you hear from him. He says that he has never met such a beautiful (smart, intelligent, sexy, etc.) lady. It’s only a compliment; take it for granted like a gorgeous Kiev beauties! Everybody likes them, but words influenced by passion are far from real life! Don’t try to find any hints about your common future in his words.
Remember that at the seaside when everything is full of calmness our hearts are open for any new emotions. We mix up love and passion, responsibility and summer-time affaires. Note that our brains may play jokes with us.
Listen to your senses. Do you really need this man? What do you know about him? His body is perfect and he can make you fly high! But in fact there is only sex between two of you. Imagine yourself a stunning Kiev escort. These ladies love sex but they do not love their partners. They may like their customers and have some fun together. Just follow any Kiev escort’s attitude. You are together to get more from your vacation.
Don’t plan anything with the guy in the future. Stop waiting for his calls and dreaming about common plans. Every fairy-tail has its ending. Just like any Kiev escort, get from him as much as possible; in your case it is about passion, romance, nice attitude, common reminiscences but not more.
If something is bound to happen, it will. Exceptions from the rule may occur, and an affair may turn to be a happy marriage. Just try to be realistic; wishful thinking doesn’t work!

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