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Rules of game, what should a girl to do working in the agency

First of all premium escort girls in Ukraine are obliged to look pretty, well-groomed, take care of their bodies, nails and hair. Kiev escort ladies are beauties with smooth and tanned skin, neat make-up, nice modern hairdo and slender figure. Otherwise, you wouldn't be nice enough to be chosen by VIP clients since competition among beautiful ladies in Kiev city of Ukraine is pretty high.

As a special lady you need to know at least one foreign language (English). It is also recommended that before you start working with a client you need to learn at least few phrases in clients the language. It would be a nice idea to attend language courses in Ukraine or buy a multi-language vocabulary. In order to feel comfortable at the table you need to know the intricacies of etiquette, e.g. how to deal with alcoholic beverages (at least not to order a fish dish with red wine). Beautiful girls should be able to have fun, to flatter, to talk about anything and join an intelligent conversation as well.

Foreign clients especially like Ukrainian ladies who are well oriented in the literature of their country and in the domestic political situation. Demonstrating your erudition, in any case don't go too far. Hearing about "serious issues" in their spare time many people very quickly get mad.

There are several ways of finding them in Ukraine: in the elite brothels, model agencies and specialized companies that are just emerging in the capital. The easiest way is of course to get familiar with businessmen and politicians on paid dating sites. But for extremely sensitive natures the best way is finding a normal job that does not require compromises with your own conscience.

The most important thing girls should know: elite escorts are not just about listening and playing a seductive role but rather taking a direct and equal part in all, even the most intelligent interviews.

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