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Several recommendations for nice girl to protect her life and belongings

To tell the truth the job of escort Kiev girl looks like a lottery: Such girls never knows for sure that the client will be sensible and adequate. That's why there is always some risk of being hurt or ripped off for each lady. It doesn't matter whether girl works on her own or for some escorting agency. In any case nobody can secure the life and belongings of lady for 100%. Because of this each girl has to know how to behave in some complicated situations.

Sometimes the client of Ukraine agency occurs to be real monster, though he produced a good impression on manager during the telephone conversation. The man begins demanding rude things from his girl. What can she do to protect her life? First of all, Ukrainian lady should try to draw the client's attention away from the matter of quarrel. Sometimes it works and girl can go on her professional activities. But if the client seems to be too forceful and impolite, girl must take more serious measures. It can be helpful to cry for someone's assistance or be noisy to let somebody hear you. Anyway, Ukrainian lady should be prepared for such circumstances and if something goes wrong, girl must keep her presence of mind. Or consequences can be really tragic.

Not to let the client demand something on her part girl must preserve some distance in their relations. Sometimes girl allows the man to become too close to her. And then he starts thinking he has some rights for his lady.

It is also wrong for sexy girl to think she owes much to her grateful clients. Each beautiful female must make the men think they owe her, but not on the contrary. Special lady is providing the clients with certain services. They usually need them more than the girl herself; it should be borne in mind.

It is also necessary to take care of your health if you are an escort. Use protection by all means and look out for different sores or spots on the client's body and skin. They can be the evidence of serious diseases. Don't let the client make all the way he wants. He is not going to protect you, it is only your duty.

Don't drink alcohol drinks you are not aware of and don't take drugs if the client insists on that. Try always to keep a bottle of your favorite beverage with yourself.

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