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Some helpful tips for model's safety

Beautiful girl should understand that her activity is rather public and thus she has to undertake some measures to provide personal safety. If Ukrainian girl is employed by some escorting agency, so her health and private life should be protected by her managers. But each girl working on her own has to take care of herself. Here are some useful recommendations as to how to act if you are escort lady and don't want to get any problems because of your professional activities.

We know that each girl has her private page over the internet. So, she has to be quite open for all including potential clients and average viewers. Girl may put data about her appearance, interests, figure and other private information useful for the girl's clients. But nice girl mustn't provide her clients with such information as her home address or passport data. The only thing they should know is that you are a beautiful Ukrainian girl and are ready to do a lot of things for a man's happiness. A lady can even give some nickname instead of her real one. People coming to meeting with girl won't be so scrupulous to find out her true name.

Another important point concerns mode of payment. Both Ukrainians and foreigners like to use credit cards for making various payments. They also may ask girl to accept their credit cards as the way of making payments for the services. But it would be safer for girl to take cash only. A lady can't check the card instantly. And when Ukrainian girl does that, it may occur that the card is empty. Cheques are also not safe as female can't know for sure they will be refunded. However taking cash each Ukrainian girl should be cautious too. Not to suffer from the fraud Ukrainian girl would better take international or state currencies.

Sometimes escorting girls encounter clients demanding the services they hadn't ordered while calling. To avoid such troubles each lady must point out all the positions of the order before the date itself. Agree all the details with your client to be sure you won't have any complaints later.

Each beautiful lady has also to take care of her health and not to make appointments at her place with men she didn't meet earlier. Only reliable clients and men with good reputation are to be allowed to book in calls.

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