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Some rules for girls, how not to get in trouble

It goes without saying that each girl must be cautious and take care of herself while meeting her clients. And it doesn't matter whether the client books in call or outcall for Ukraine escort. Specific measures are to be taken by Kiev escort to be secured and confident in a positive result of the date.

Every lady should remember that she is not a slave of the client. Ukrainian girl does her job, but not is to fulfill all the client's wishes. Sometimes clients want their girls to be fully obedient and do everything they ask for. But acting this way girl is going to make a big mistake. Ukrainian model must show the man her services are limited and she is not an alive toy to play with.

Beautiful girls meet various people due to the specifics of the work. So, sometimes lady encounters rude or a bit awkward fellows, you know. To avoid misunderstanding and different conflicts Ukraine girl should be polite and tolerant. Kindness and sweet voice will make wonders and girl will avoid serious complications serving the client.

Some girls often suffer from tricksters. Not to become their victim Ukraine lady must keep a watchful eye on her belongings and other valuables. It would be better for girl not to put on expensive jewelry or keep much cash with her during the date. It is especially relevant to the first meetings with new clients.

If the client books in call, Kiev girl exposes herself to the danger of being robbed or ripped off. Not to let the trickster going away with some expensive things, Ukraine lady should restrict his moves along her adobe. The client must be at the place where the girl is performing her services.

Sometimes escorting girls have to serve rather difficult men with bad manners or ill nature. They can become quarrelling or arguing for the least reason. The best strategy for each lady in such case is to be calm and polite. This way she will be able to prevent serious quarrel with a difficult client.

Some clients want to see the girl's temper. They try to provoke the lady by calling her bad names or demanding more services. In this case it is necessary to be assertive and not allow making fool of yourself. If the man sees the woman is confident and strong-minded, he won't continue his tricks but respect his charming companion.

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