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The history of interesting profession

Escort profession in Kiev actually has long history and deep roots. It surely hasn't been born in Ukraine. In ancient Rome such ladies were called hetaeras. These were free, educated, unmarried beauties, leading an independent way of life just like escorts in our country. Their homes were open for many prominent Greek politicians, poets, sculptors. As a rule, they were kept by wealthy patrons who paid for their living and favors. But it was not prostitute activity in its traditional sense in Ukraine, because the Hetaeras lived sexually active life with those only patrons they liked. The ancient Greek orator and politician Demosthenes said that every self-respecting Greek should keep by him not only wife but also at least one hetaera - "for peace of mind. "Likewise it has been a normal tradition in Kiev since ancient times.

In Japan such ladies were called geishas. There were special training schools where beautiful women were recruited, learned literature, music, dancing, how to dress well and lead a small-talk. In 1997 Arthur Golden wrote "Memoirs of a Geisha". Golden wrote a story of an elderly Geisha, which tells about her romantic past and opens up the secrets of profession to Western readers: "The root of the word" geisha " is "gay " meaning" art ", therefore geisha is a "human of art. We should remember that geisha had to entertain men first of all. They can pour tea but would never set the table."In Kiev - Ukrainian city this tradition has developed a few centuries later than in Japan. The first blockbuster movie about an escort girl got known nearly half a century ago. Of course, we are talking about "Breakfast at Tiffany's" movie which became the classic of American cinema. Like many girls in the capital of our country, the character of this story ran away from her husband's village and settled in the bigger city in search of a wealthy husband. The young girl made a living dining out and having short love stories with wealthy men. Now this romantic story can easily turn into reality!

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