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Vip services - big salaries

The popularity of escort business in Ukraine and its major Kiev city is difficult to overestimate. 18-year-old girls always have work since there is always a demand. Why do escort girls have such a demand? Its clear enough. But it is really interesting to learn the level of today special service in the country and profits from it.

A couple of years ago, investigators found out that more than 700,000 wealthy men take "special support services" at least once a year in America. Not less well-known this business is in Ukraine, especially in the capital.

It is worth mentioning that the lion's share of the potential customers of "an intimate industry" refers to either the low-cost street ladies or cheap brothels. But we wouldn't recommend respected clients to go there since it is unsafe and non-prestigious.

The most of the funds bring many Vip agencies. Conventionally, this market in the country can be classified into three segments. The largest segment - 94% of the total mass of customers. Its the class "standard." One call is worth 500 USD and promise much fun for the whole evening in restaurant, club or hotel. The typical client in this category is a lonely small businessman or a social climber, who gives up his day job and forgets about his personal life. The next segment makes 5% of the total mass of customers. These are politics. The total cost of their order may be an average of $ 4,500. The price includes a room in the hotel in Kiev city, tickets, drinks and other amenities. The last and the smallest segment is 1% of the orders. This group presents customers who are willing to pay about 60 thousand dollars for one night with a girl from Ukraine. Penthouse in Miami, a private airplane, the best spa-complex procedures. It's all about oligarchs and billionaires. American oligarchs are eager to spend around 100 million dollars per year.

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