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Escort business for young Kiev girls is actually hard work and constant self-improvement, short-term dating and long-term pastime with the client coming to Ukraine. Some of them come from far away on business, and then have a few days left in which they hope to explore the city, visit places of interest in Ukraine and see the local sights of Kiev. A businessman goes to a worthy escort agency with one clear goal - to win the decent guide and a wonderful companion with whom he wants to spend the rest of the time in Ukraine.

Such work is very beneficial to a girl: she works just a few hours a day and a couple of days a week, gets a good salary, gifts from clients, spend time with an interesting person who may return to her again and again every time he visits the capital. The girl has all the chances and time to charm his companion.

But how is it possible to work in such a rhythm for several days and stay attractive all day long? To do this each lady should always bring with her a notorious handbag. What should be inside the magic bag? Let's see:
papers proving her identity;
a business card;
cosmetics: a small mirror, a nourishing cream for skin, compact powder or congealer, mascara and lip
pencil, lipstick, makeup remover;
several pairs of tights;
several sets of underwear: white, black and flesh color (to match with certain clothes);
light and dark high-heeled shoes;
a small sponge for shoes;
all the nail accessories, nail polish, nail polish remover;
a pair of pins, needles and thread;
means for hair (gel, mousse), comb, a pair of rubber bands;
necessary personal hygiene items - deodorant, tampons;
a pair of handkerchiefs and a set of napkins;
spray to freshen the breath;

If you're on trip outside the familiar city and Ukraine be sure to have a location map and a dictionary.

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