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"Donbas Arena" – the first prepared stadium for Euro 2012

Ukraine and Poland host this year the great football championship – Euro 2012. Every host city and its citizens prepare for the event. Ukraine escort and Kiev escort girls are devoted fans of football and Euro 2012 is a party for their soul. The girls sincerely are excited by the fact and keep under observation everything what is happening and connected with Euro 2012 in Ukraine.  Ukraine escort girls together with Kiev escort girls and many officials have visited the best stadium of Ukraine situated in one of the host cities – Donetsk. The name of the stadium is "Donbas Arena". As Ukraine escort and Kiev escort girls have discovered that "Donbas Arena" was made up for long before Ukraine has won the right to host Euro 2012. On the opening of the arena the president of the football club "Shahtar" has informed that the idea of arena has appeared 10 years ago. It was built in the first place for the citizens of Donetsk.

"Donbas Arena" is a stadium built according to European standards and requirements of UEFA. It is a stadium of elite class. The design of arena was made by the company "ArupSport", the company which was the creator of such famous stadiums as "Manchester City" in England, "Alyanz Arena" in Germany and "Sydney" in Australia. The building has started in 2006 and in 2009 the arena was ready. Into building were brought 16000 people at the same time. The staff of "Donbas Arena" is the people who cheer for football and put all their powers into its flourishing. Ukraine escort girls are also a part of this friendly team. By the powers of all the staff on the stadium are created the most comfortable conditions for fans and football players on Euro 2012. Kiev escort girls were there as the guests and they were just charmed by the place. There are special rules for fans how to behave on "Donbas Arena". Ukraine escort and Kiev escort girls will help you to understand these rules and to stick to them in order not to have problems and to get in time on the match of Euro 2012 you would like.

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