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"Olimpiys'kyi" Stadium is ready for Euro 2012

At the beginning of summer Ukraine and Poland will host the best national teams from the whole Europe and will start prestigious football championship Euro 2012. Everything is almost prepared for the event in Ukraine. Everyone is connected with the process of preparation. Ukraine escort and Kiev escort girls are not the exception. Ukraine escort and Kiev escort girls are very active participants. They cheer for Ukraine and try to contribute as much to the successful conducting of Euro 2012 in Ukraine. Ukraine escort and Kiev escort girls together with the agents of Euro 2012 have visited the stadiums for the matches in host cities of Ukraine. The first stadium they visited was "Olimpiys'kyi" in Kiev. Kiev escort girls were discovering all the nuances together with other Ukraine escort girls from other cities. So, they found out and calmed down the fans of Euro 2012 that the stadium will easily live through this severe winter. The system of heating of the main arena of Euro 2012 is arranged in the way that the stadium does not afraid of abnormally low temperatures.

The first match "Olimpiys'kyi" will host on the 4th of March when by the match between "Dynamo" and "Arsenal" will renew the national championship. The stadium was also visited by the director of Dynamo arena Anatoliy Kolosha. He informed the media that at the time of his visit there were 23 centimeters of snow on the stadium. This is the best natural covering for the football lawn, which passes air and keeps stable temperature. On the surface of the ground it was zero degrees. Kiev escort and Ukraine escort girls were the eyewitnesses that he law is in unfrozen state. Taking into account the thickness of the layer of the snow, this lawn can bear even 40 degrees below zero. This is the most perspective lawn in Ukraine.  Under it is placed a very good basis from sand on which the lawn is growing. The grass stroke deep roots.  This fact the girls saw when they have taken the example in unfavorable zone which almost all the time is in the shade. But it turned to be perfect. The girls came to the conclusion that the stadium is well prepared for the winter and for the coming Euro 2012. The lawn is nourished by potash fertilizers and cultivated by fungicides in order to prevent the rotting of roots and other diseases which can appear under snow.

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