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Chimaeras and Chimeras - the difference lies in Kiev

Kiev escorts girls often offer the clients of Ukraine escort services to go to Gorodetsky House. This building is one of the most mystic and interesting in Kiev, capital of Ukraine as well as its architect sometimes called Gaudi of Kiev.

Vladislav Gorodetsky is known by his two passions - big-game hunting and architecture. Both these things are depicted in interior and exterior of House with Chimaeras. Its design is the Art Nouveau style, full of flowing and curvilinear decorations. The first passion of Gorodetsky finds its reflection in the building's exterior decor which contains mythical creatures and big-game animals. But the peculiarity of house is more in material and front view. For the internal and external works was used concrete - the material not popular in that time period. There are concrete carvings depicting different creatures and animals, for example elephant-head gargoyle, all over the house.

Kiev escorts or Ukraine escorts services can help to find the way to this building and see the strange illusion - if look on the front the building has only three floors, but if come to it from the rear six can be seen.

Being constructed in 1901- 1902 this place underwent a long way before today's usage as the residence for the president of Ukraine for meeting with political entities.

There are a lot of legends and gossips about him and his "creature" that include suicide stories, bet quarrels and curses. One revealing truth is that its name does not mean mythological creatures - it is architectural style (chimaera) where numerous animal decorations are used. No one knows what is true but House with Chimaeras enchants and attracts by some mysterious power and charm.People look at it and exclaim in awe and wonder.

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