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Ghost town and road to restricted zone

Chernobyl is a unique monument of huge man-made disaster of the last century. Almost everyone in the civilized world has an idea of what happened on the hill in Ukraine, not far from Kiev.

After the explosion of a nuclear reactor, which was there, the existence of all life for miles from this point was threatened imminent death of extinction. So at the moment Chernobyl complexis a special custodial facility in Ukraine, the territory of which there is ongoing work to smooth the negative consequences.

Exclusion Zone (also known as the scene of an accident) has always attracted the lovers of the unknown and mysterious. And even huge mortal threat could not stop them. But over time, the radiation level has decreased considerably, thus creating an opportunity for a brief visit to these places. So for the moment all sorts of legal tours and excursions to the most mysterious place in the Ukraine are allowed. In Kiev there are enough companies which organize such events.For unforgettable parties and hours contact Ukraine escort services which can give the ability to spend marvelous time with Kiev escorts girls.

What isso interesting to visit this place? Almost everything! Just stay near the Chernobyl Pripyat town, whose residents were evacuated. So to wander around in the small town of the ghosts and dead, look at the riot of greenery and the consequences of an accident can become quite feasible dream of every man. Of course, now it is quite safe. Kiev firms offer different types of tours - from safe photo-hunting to internal intrusion and direct contact with flora and fauna.

Recently according to the magazine "Forbes" Tours to Chernobyl near Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is one of the most original and extreme variations of great pastime.

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