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Golden domes and patron saint in Kiev

The sightseeing that can't be missed in the capital of Ukraine is Mikhailovskiy Monastery. The right bank of the Dnieper River is blooming and shining with golden domes of the monastery. It is one of the most beautiful churches of Ukraine and it is still functioning.

Impressive is that these domes were the first gilded ones in Kievan Rus. Years passed and so all other religious buildings began to gild their domes. But Mikhailovskiy Monastery has the full right to be called St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery.

Have suffered years of destruction and Soviet decadence Mikhailovskiy Monastery was reconstructed and started its new life on May 30, 1999. But after this official date it took a year to have carried out a lot of completing works with frescoes, interior decorations and mosaics. They are amazingly unique and belong to Byzantine and Baroque periods. Some parts of these interior were taken to Saint Petersburg but recently returned.

It is nice idea to go for a walk to Mikhailovskiy Monasterybecause its location is not only picturesque but also convenient. There, almost in the center of capital of Ukraine, are many Kiev escort services or other Ukraine escort agencies where a person can always find a companion to Mikhailovskiy Monastery and other places worth visiting in Kiev.

Kiev escorts girls visit Mikhailovskiy Monastery in Kiev because this place was built in order to extol Michael the Archangel and this saint is said to protect warriors and give victories. So the Ukraine escorts and their client can not only admire the marvelous golden domes, view of the saint Sophia's Cathedral, ancient mosaics and architecture but also pray and ask saint to give the ability to win in all life battles and overcome hardships.

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