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Khreschatyk as street and essence of Kiev

The first desire of any tourist that arrived to the capital of Ukraine is to see Khreschatyk. It is symbol of city and brand name of many products and services because residents are proud of this popular boulevard.

1.2 km street in the center of city is not only connection of the European Square through the Maidan and to Bessarabsky Market.Various malls, boutiques and shops on both sides of this street are the reason Khreschatykis mentioned in the Top 20 of most expensive shopping streets inEurope. Comfortable elite hotels and apartments hide gorgeous Kiev and Ukraine escort girls. Cafes and restaurant offer original dishes and fresh drinks.

Khreschatyk is known as historical legacy of previous generations and years of fight for independence. So it is normal that here the active and free life of city is represented. Street performances and concerts are frequent, especially on weekends when traffic is banned here.

From Khreshatyk a person can get to Bessarabska Square with same name indoor market and Besarabsky Quarter that has such prominent place as PinchukArtCenter.

For shopping there are also well-known TsUM (Central Department Store), Kiev Passage and Globus - great choice of the goods and services.

The view of the MaidanNezalezhnosti with its fountains and statue attracts millions of tourists annually. But the most suitable day to see the glorious beauty and greatness of Khreschatyk is to visit Kiev Day (end of May) and Independence Day of Ukraine (August 24). Blooming flowers and sophisticated architecture, luxurious shops and ice cream stalls, street artists and musicians, beautiful girls from Kiev and Ukraine escorts, socializing with foreigners and enjoying the life - all this can be found on Khreschatyk.

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