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Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental Art

Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental Art is one of the greatest places to surprise your friends or escorts from escorts agencies when coming on tour to Kiev. It was based by Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko in 1919 and was private initially. Being conceived by the architect coming from Saint Petersburg, F. Meltzer in the late 19th century, this building remains the shell and stylistical amendment to its art collections preserved inside. The first pieces of art were collected by the Khanenko family.

Nowadays tour guests may observe over thousands of showpieces in its halls. Its exhibitions are among the greatest collections of foreign art in Ukraine. Tour guests can enjoy brilliant pieces of foreign art coming from Ancient Greece, Italy, France, Spain, China, Persia, Egypt Japan, Turkey and so on.

Museum collection comprises 25.000 of exhibits and is considered to be the biggest foreign art collection in Ukraine. Among its items you'll find exclusive masterpieces wrote by world's most famous artists like Diego Velasquez with its legendary Portrait of Infanta Margaret .

Tour guides will tell you about Egyptian, Roman and Greek statues and sculptures, glassware and stained-glass, ivory, icons and jewelry artifacts of Kievan Rus. Patrons were donating more and more items to the collection. V. Shavinskiy is known to have donated more than 200 great works of art created by painters of Flemish and Dutch schools, Andre Stephen Jasparre, Ukrainian wife of French ambassador in Peking donated 400 unique scrolls of Chinese paintings of the16th-20th centuries. When coming to Kiev on tour you may donate something appropriate, make good friends and impress girls or escorts you travel with. Escorts are able to tell you a lot of amazing facts about history of art and shouw you other city landmarks.

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