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Museum of Historical Treasures

Ukrainian Museum of Historical Treasures is on of the greatest places to see for Kiev tour guests in the Pecherskiy district in the Monastery of Caves. This museum has one of the greatest collections of golden articles to exhibit. Any Kiev tourist can visit this place with one of the escorts he may find in the wide range of escorts agencies. The artifacts are the jewelry created by the masters of early times of the state establishment. This precious jewelry has been preserved for years.

Collections located in the museum present outstanding treasures found in the Tolstaya burial and Gaimanov burials as well as huge Scythian barrows of the fourth century B.C. Visiting the museum halls, you'll find out a lot about unique culture of Scythes, ancient inhabitants of Ukrainian lands. One of the grand treasures tour guides like to show is the burial of a Scythian queen and her kid, from the fourth century B.C. Another beloved exhibits are burials of Samaritan queens. Your wifes, girlfriends or escorts will probably wonder what's hidden in these sacred mounds. They uncover Persian, Greek and Indian jewelry of ancient times (1st century B.C.). And finally, you'll enjoy gold ornaments from the 4th-8th centuries. Kievan jewelers are known for their great techniques and creative vision which impresses strangers who tour around Kiev. The treausure articles of great interest are also golden shoulder bands, diadems and temple pendants, created using cloisonne.

Jewelry made of gold and silver is Ukraine's old good tradition. The secrets of silverware and gold production date to the times of Kiev Rus. Ancient ukrainian jewelry originates from the school of Byzantine masters which was famous amoung the Slavic people of that period. The most jewelry items of that perios are icons frameworks and decorations of religious books. Tour guests are invited to evaluate collections of gorgeous jewelry articles created by Kievan masters.

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