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National Philharmonic of Ukraine

Make your tour unbelievable and visit National Philharmonic of Ukraine. As for its foundation, the branch of the Emperor Russian Musical Society was opened in Kiev in 1863, in the present building of Philharmonic. Being called the Merchants Assembly, the branch was quickly growing and gaining power. The construction itself pertains to Vladimir Nikolaev one of the greatest Kiev municipal architects. The building is located at the European Square, the former Tsarist Square. Tour guests may enjoy various events that take place here. Among them are concerts, masquerades, performances, musical evenings an festivals and even lotteries! Most prominent actors and singers of Ukraine play and sing here, and many foreign actors come on tour.

Mykola Lysenko is a name that symbolizes the flourishing period in the Philharmonic history and development. This intelligent person and awesome composer is believed to have actually found Ukrainian professional musical culture.

Even in the times of World War I and civil war music didn't stop and musical culture proceeded its work. People gave concerts, laughed, sang and hoped for the best. Among the best well-known musicians and actors performing in the Merchants Assembly were A. Scriabin, F. Shaliapin, S. Rachmaninoff, A. Nezhdanova and so on and so forth. In 1923 the State Philharmonic opened her entrance for visitors and tour guests with the concert directed by L. Steinberg. It was closed only during WWII when citizens defended Kiev from the fascist invadors.

Today National Philharmonic can boast of modern technical equipment, the latest recording devices, equipment for the stage lighting etc. the National Philharmonic Hall any program to your like you may attend with escorts or friends. National Philharmonic is proud of its Symphony and Chamber Philharmonic Orchestras, guitar and bayan quartets, bandura trio, chamber and folk ensembles going on concert tour abroad. Any tourist is able to visit this place with one of the escorts to his like. By the way, it's pretty easy to book the proper escorts ladies in Kiev.

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