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Park Slavi

Park Slavi is also called the Park of Glory. It's one of the largest parks in Kiev so you'll find it easily, using your GPS-navigator or Google maps service. Park Slavi commemorates the heroes who were killed during the WWII defending native lands. If you are on tour and don't have a companion to visit such events, feel free to select the proper one among escorts you may find in numerous Kievan escorts agencies. Escorts in the capital are really beautiful and intelligent, and you'll be proud of having a walk with such ladies.

The monument of glory is the main point of interest for all the tour guests coming to Kiev. It was erected in 1957 and symbolizes the warriors who've been defending the city from the fascist invaders. The obelisk made of granite is huge and counts about 27 meters high. The place chosen for the monument used to be the grave of the unknown soldiers. Such graves are well-known and honored all over the country. The eternal flame burning at this grave calls to commemorate the war victims as well. Ukrainians try to remember the land defenders and their heroism.

Even if you are new in the city, coming on a tour, you'll find an obelisk quickly. It ends the widest park alley. You'll find 34 graves of other land defenders on both sides of the alley, like Mikhail Kirponos, the commander of the defense army, Andrey Vitruk who used to be the aviation major-general, Sholudenko who drove his tank and was the first who liberated the city in 1943 and so on.

Ukrainians have a strong tradition which may seem strange for the tour guests: they honor the burial places of their national defenders and bring flowers to their graves each year on May the 9th, the Victory day widely celebrated in Ukraine.

Not far from the obelisk you'll find a pearl of sightseeing so adoured by tour people coming to the city. This area is notable for its magnificent view of the left bank of Dnieper. You'll see the old temples and churches of the Kievo-Pecherskaya lavra. Besides, you'll find beautiful alleys in the park itself which are nice for walking with your friends, lovers or escorts of Kiev.

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