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The pearl in the center - Saint Sophia Cathedral

The walls of this site are almost as old as Kiev. The complex of the Saint Sophia Cathedral (Sobor Sviatoyi Sofiyi) is one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine (due to 2007 internet survey). It is also written down in World Heritage List.

Sophia means "Wisdom" and its building was initiated by Yaroslav I the Wise. Till now the impressive greatness of Saint Sophia Cathedral is considered to be the legacy of this wise and intelligent governor. This place has outlasted many years of despair but now it is the pearl of Kiev, capital of Ukraine. After years of political fights and schisms the Sophia Cathedral in Kiev lost its active status of religious place for pilgrims and welcomed more tourists.

The visitors are charmed by the amazing13-domed St. Sophia's Cathedral and can't stand admiring its beauty and greatness. Kiev escorts or Ukraine escorts hire apartments near this place so the clients can enjoy the view of Saint Sophia Cathedral.

The gates lead visitors further and the first steps inside make people hold their breath. The buildings, a museum and historical treasures are unique and thrillingly spiritual.The Bell Tower is 86m high, and it is allowed to rise to the platform and enjoy the picturesque view of colorful Kiev. The Refectory Church, Memorial Stela of Yaroslav's library etc. are worth paying attention.

This complex supports many exhibitions and art-projects of creative masters from Kiev and Ukraine, cooperates with foreign museums and artists in order to cover the most exciting facts, craftworks and essences of events about past and presence of Ukraine.

If you are interested in more details about this extraordinary and beautiful place, Ukraine escorts girls are willing to answer all your questions.

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