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Dining out

Development of restaurant business has influenced Kiev greatly, too. The number of various restaurant amazes. Even the most refined gourmet can find the place where his most weird culinary fantasies will be embodied. So, what is the principle all the restaurants and other establishments in Kiev are classified? Well, they are commonly distinguished by the amount and quality of services they offer and cuisines they serve. As for the first classification, all the establishments for eating in Kiev are divided into restaurants, cafes, pubs (bars), pizzerias, bakeries etc. these are main types of division. Apart from, each establishment, be it a restaurant or a pub, serves certain types of cuisines. Thus each place commonly has peculiar feature: French or Ukrainian, Italian or Japanese, Lebanon or any other cuisine is dominant there. In addition to the core cuisine, many other national meals are usually cooked at restaurants, pubs etc.

It’s quite natural that the range of meals served at cafes and restaurants are rather different. Thus we are going to tell about the restaurants (where the menu is more sophisticated) in detail. One of the most popular in Ukraine among foreign visitors is, of course, Ukrainian cuisine. Its’ not a surprise, for people from other countries want to know more about traditional cooking of the country they visit. And Ukrainian meals are commonly substantial and their portions are quite big.

Another popular trend is Japanese cuisine. Sushi bars are much visited today both by Ukrainians and foreigners.

Chinese meals are, for sure, not ordinary. They can be evaluated just by true gourmets.

Italian restaurants are also popular and the main meal they offer is, of course, pizza. A lot of sorts of it have become favourite ones for many people.

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