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How do I book escort girl?
To make a reservation simply call us at (+38044) 465 89 00 or contact my email, name the girls you want to meet, the date, and your contact data.

In any case, you will be provided all the necessary information by our manager, so simply calling us is already enough.
Why are the faces of the escort models blurred on the photos?
Since most models work on other positions, such as models in a fashion agency, office managers, and some of them are students, they would not prefer to be recognized and would not like to disclose their job as models in an escort agency.

All of our escort models are very pretty young ladies; blurred faces in no way indicate that they are not.
Can I get a discount or negotiate the price?
Yes, we provide discounts for return clients. Discounts are negotiated in private.
Shall I book an escort in advance?
The sooner you inform us about your intentions, the better. Please try to inform us about your visit literally as soon as possible. If we know about your desire to meet the girl in advance, we can plan her time.

For urgent reservations, please indicate more than one girl you like, since some of them might not be available at that very moment.
Can I request what the model does and wears?
Yes, we welcome you to uncover your fantasies and request what the girl would wear on a meeting. Please indicate as specificly as possible while making your reservation.

If you want the girl to do something non-typical, please negotiate with the agency manager while making your reservation. It is essentially important that you reveal your intentions before the girl arrives. Our girls would like play roles of your lovers on business meetings, change during the meeting, take different roles, or do anything you like as long as your requests are transparent.
Can I spend more than 2 days with escort?
Yes, you can spend as much time with any Kiev escort model as you like. However, to avoid misunderstandings, please inform us about your intentions while making a reservation, so that we and the girl can plan in advance.

Please note, for periods longer than 2 days a discount system is applied.
What information should I provide when booking an escort?
Mandatory information includes:
1. name of the girl(s) of your choice
2. your full address in Kiev
3. your phone number
Would you recommend any hotels in Kiev?
We recommend the following hotels: Premier Palace, Opera, Kiev President hotel and others. Models can easily visit you in on of these.
Do you offer services abroad?
Currently, we only provide escort services in Kiev, Ukraine. Learn more about our Tour to Kiev limited time offer to get the full benefit of weekend here with one of our girls.
Can I have the girl visit me in the Borispol hotel?
Yes, we can deliver the girl to Borispol hotel located near the airport. However, additional fee of $50 is addef for transportation costs. Also, due to time regulations in the hotel, the girl can only visit you only till midnight.

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